Tri-Action Catch | Hand-Eye Coordination | Reflex Agility Aid

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  • 3 COLOR ERGONOMIC GRIP DESIGN; Designed with 3 distinct colors to clearly spot which color the athlete is tracking; The colors provide instant feedback; Each grip area is a vibrant color to allow players to easily see the grip target
  • PORTABLE; Lightweight and compact for easy transport
  • IMPROVE HAND-EYE COORDINATION; Helps athletes improve ball tracking; Run drills solo or with a team calling out a color aiming to catch that specific color; After a few reps the colors become easier to see; Improves reaction time and decision making; Add to gym work outs; Perfect for baseball soccer softball football boxing mixed martial arts tennis and more
  • DURABLE CONTRUCTION; Heavy-duty material designed to last repitious usage; Made of Polyurethane
  • ALL SKILL LEVELS; Great for all skill levels; Beginner intermediate and advanced; Free video instructional included

The PowerNet Tri-Action Catch is great to increase accuracy and ball tracking. Athletes develop better hand-eye coordination after training their eyes to track a specific color as it spins. Difficulty level can be adjusted based on the speed and spin of how the reaction catch is tossed. Perfect training aid for multiple sports.

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