Sponsorship Program

Sports Teams Sponsorship Requests

PowerNet believes that much of life's lessons are gained through team sports. Motivation and confidence are essential building blocks in our youth that extends far beyond the sports fields.  Our mission is dedicated to being the best we can be and we would like to share this same mission by way of partnerships through our sponsorship program. 

Our current program offers up to $1,000 in PowerNet Gear, and new uniform allowances.  Other financial and equipment needs are also considered so please specify in the request.

If your team is interested in becoming a PowerNet sponsored team, please submit the following information:

1.   Team name, home location and team contact person.
2.   Teams general history.
3.   Names, ages and playing years of each team member.
4.   A color picture attached to the email of the team.
5.   Teams practice schedule and home playing location.
6.   Future tournament event schedule.
7    Current head to toe equipment list of each team member.
8.   Teams past tournament achievements.
9.   Teams current sponsors.
10. Team goals for the future.
11. Add any additional information that you feel makes your team unique.

Organized into an email to us: sponsorship@powernetinc.net

***Please only submit once, and understand that we do receive a large amount of inquiries.  We may not be able to reply to all requests.***