Power Plyometric Training Balls | 2 Sizes


Weight: 32 oz


  • 32 or 64 OZ WEIGHT; The Plyometric Training Ball is sand filled to increase weight
  • DURABLE; Designed to withstand hard hits and repeated throws
  • PERFECT FOR SOLO OR TEAM TRAINING; Great training aide for all positions; Incorporate in your warm up or cool down routine; Helps decrease risk of injury; Increase throwing and pitching velocity
  • DIFFERENT WEIGHTS AVAILABLE; Move up or down in weight to achieve your training goals
  • POWERNET BRAND PRO ENDORSED BY Carli Lloyd, Andrelton Simmons, Jared Walsh and German Marquez

The PowerNet Power Plyometric Training Ball is a perfect training aid players can add to their equipment bag. Consistent training helps athletes increasing throwing and pitching velocity. The weighted plyo can be used in warm-ups and cool-downs as well to help reduce the risk of injury. Perfect for coaches and trainers running practice. Free training guide included to provide players and coaches with exercises and drills to get started.

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