Overload and Underload Training Bats | Rapid Stick or Overload Bat

PowerNetSKU: 1218

Style: Rapid Stick w/ Micro Crushers


  • RAPID STICK; 31 inch length, 12 ounce weight
  • OVERLOAD BAT: 32 inch length, 30 ounce weight
  • BUILD HAND-EYE COORDINATION; The micro crushers help players build hand eye coordination; The slim barrel increases batters focus to make contact
  • IMPROVE SPEED; Bat allows for quicker rotation and less fatigue with each swing; Great for team practice or adding a new training aid to home equipment
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION; Built to last repetitious use; Micro crushers pop back into shape after every hit
  • USED AND ENDORSED BY Pro Baseball Player Jared Walsh

The PowerNet Overload Training Bat and Micro Crusher Bundle train batting specific muscles for improved bat speed and power. The PowerNet Rapid Stick Underload and 6 Yellow Micro Crusher Bundle help players build bat speed and ball tracking. The size of the yellow micro crushers provides a different focus for the hitter to help make the game ball seem bigger at the plate. Great bundle for home batting practice or team training.


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