Breaking Ball Bracket Attachment for Launch F-lite Pitching




  • BREAKING BALL BRACKET; Attaches to the PowerNet Launch F-lite Pitching Machine;
  • FASTBALLS AND SWEEPERS; Adjusts to throw either left or right-handed "sweeper" pitches at various angles as well as straight fastballs
  • CONSISTENT STRIKES AND FIELDING USE; Calibrated to step in as your live pitcher to consistently put the ball where you want it; Run fielding drills by launching pop flies and line drives to build muscle memory to stay ready for game time
  • POWERNET LAUNCH F-LITE BALLS ONLY; Not for use with game leather balls or non PowerNet balls; This pitching machine is optimally calibrated to perform with the specified Launch F-lite Baseballs and Launch F-lite Softballs; Any other brand of ball not recommended for use with this pitching machine; Other balls may affect durability and performance; Using balls other than the PowerNet Launch F-lite Ultra Lite Baseballs and PowerNet Launch F-lite Ultra Lite Softballs voids product warranty
  • INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED; Easy-to-follow assembly instructions included

The Breaking Ball Bracket pitches standard fastballs and can be adjusted to throw either left or right-handed "sweeper" pitches at various angles. Bracket only, machine sold separately.

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