PowerNet DLX 2.0 System 7x7 Baseball Hitting Net + Weighted Training Ball 3 Pack + Strike Zone


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  • 7'x7' DLX NET + 3 PACK PROGRESSIVE WEIGHTED BALL + STRIKE ZONE - Instant portable baseball & softball net. Includes 7ft x 7ft (49 SqFt) net, 1 strike zone attachment, 1 progressive weighted training ball 3 Pack (1 ball each of 12oz, 14oz and 16oz, 2.8 (baseball size)) and a heavy-duty zipper carrying bag with shoulder straps.
  • WEIGHTED TRAINING BALL - 3 Pack weighted training ball system helps you build power. Perfect for isolating focus on throwing and batting muscle groups.
  • STRIKE ZONE Build confidence on the pitching rubber. Practice pitch accuracy and learn to focus on the strike zone with this visual aid.
  • ULTRA PORTABLE - Lightweight and compact, these can be moved to different locations during practice sessions. Collapsible training net assembles quickly and easily for easy setup. Breaks down to fit in carrying bag for easy long-term storage and portability in any vehicle. Easy and quick setup the net sets up in less than 2 minutes. No tools required. Includes ground stakes for added stability. Nets can withstand even the hardest throws or hits. Train anywhere, train anytime the PowerNet is re
  • USED & ENDORSED BY PRO PLAYERS - Orlando Arcia, Jose Martinez, German Marquez, Luis Valbuena, Gorkys Hernandez, Eduardo Escobar

This new bundle includes: our 7x7 DLX 2.0 Hitting Net made for batting practice and various drills. A removable strike zone to help develop pitching accuracy through an added strike zone target. Finally, the included progressive weighted ball system allows a hitter to move up in weight as they build proper form and strength. 3 New Ball Weights - Progress from 12 oz to 14 oz then finish with 16 oz Heavies. It's similar to weight lifting with heavy ball concept. Progressing heavier or lighter on each hitting set. Our net system stands 7 ft (H) and 7 ft (W) creating a large backstop for a variety of practice drills. The bow frame is designed to flex with the impact of each swing. Each system is completely portable and perfect for in-home training or bringing along to the ball park. We have redesigned our EZ to follow PowerNet Instructions to make set up a cinch.


1001 | 7x7 Hitting Net (Includes all 7x7 Team Color Nets)     Video Link

1002 | A-Frame Pitching Protection Net                                 Video Link

1003F | I-Screen Pitching Protection Net                                Video Link

1005 | Standard Ball Caddy

1006 | 7x7 Strike Zone

1006-8 | 8x8 Strike Zone

1007 | Hitting Tee                                                                     Video Link

1009 | DLX 7x7 Bundle w/ Strike Zone and Ball

1012 | Bucket Caddy                                                                Video Link

1020 | 5x5 Hitting Net Bundle w/ Strike Zone and Ball          Video Link

1026 | 8x8 XLP PRO Hitting Net                                                Video Link

1027 | Zippered Removable Ball Caddy

1030 | 7x7 Pro

1040 | Infielder Net                                                                  Video Link

1043 | 5x5 w/ Strike Zone, Ball and Tee 

1090 | Softball Pitch-Thru Screen

1091 | Wheeled Ball Caddy

1095 | Pitching Targets                                                           Pitching Guide

1124 | Triple Threat

1136 | 1137 Baseball/Softball T-Ball Tee

1149 | Backstop                                                                        Video Link

1150 | Multi-Angle Rebounder

1152 | 8X8 Practice Net


2" Micro Heavy Training Ball Guidelines

2.8/3.2" Heavy Progressive Training Ball Guidelines


1042 | 8x8 Barrier

1021 | 12x9 Barrier                                                                     Video Link

1025 | 21x11 Barrier

1153 | 16x10


1016 | 10x7 Golf Net                                                                  Video Link

1031 | 7x7 Golf Net


1051 | 6x6 Lacrosse Goal

1052 | 4x4 Lacrosse Goal


1034 | Tennis Trainer Mult-Sport Net

1050 | Badminton Tennis


1046 | Portable Defender

1092 | 12x3 Soccer Tennis Net

1093 | 18x3 Soccer Tennis Net

1125 | Multi-Sport Rebounder                                                 Video Link

1126 | Fast-Pass Rebounder                                                   Video Link

S003-L-M-S | Pop Up Soccer Goal                                        Video Link

S023 | 18.5x6.5 Soccer Goal                                                   Video Link

S007 | 24x8 Soccer Goal

1044 | S001 | S002 | S005 | S022 | Soccer Goal                      Video Link


1127 | QB Trainer                                                                      Video Link


V001 | Volleyball Practice Station                                           Video Link

1178 | Volleyball Warm-Up Net