Player Journey Rolling Travel Duffle Bag | 2 Sizes



Wheeled Bag


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  • LARGE MAIN COMPARTMENT WITH REMOVABLE SHELF; Standing at 28 inches in height the rolling bag displays a large main compartment with plenty of room that can easily be divided into two with its removable shelf; Can potentially hold a weeks worth of change of clothes
  • ACCESSORY POCKETS; External zippered pockets to keep every day valuables easily accessible; Internal zippered pockets to add compartments for better organization and well made storage capacity
  • 6 HANDLE GRIPS; Features nylon grab handles on each side to easily maneuver your luggage in a car bus or plane trip
  • DURABLE WITH HEAVY-DUTY ZIPPERS AND BUCKLE STRAPS; Reinforced stress points for reliable operation; Made of lightweight, durable nylon built for years of dependable trips; Two back rails for added support; Kick plate to protect bottom of bag from aggressive force; Heavy-duty zippers keep the bag securely closed with two buckle straps for added security
  • TELESCOPING HANDLE AND TWO HEAVY-DUTY WHEELS; The telescoping handle locks into place and easily telescopes back with the press of a button located on the handle; Unlike shoulder straps the wheel design saves your back from having to add more stress on your feet and back; Easily maneuver indoors and outdoors


1001 | 7x7 Hitting Net (Includes all 7x7 Team Color Nets)     Video Link

1002 | A-Frame Pitching Protection Net                                 Video Link

1003F | I-Screen Pitching Protection Net                                Video Link

1005 | Standard Ball Caddy

1006 | 7x7 Strike Zone

1006-8 | 8x8 Strike Zone

1007 | Hitting Tee                                                                     Video Link

1009 | DLX 7x7 Bundle w/ Strike Zone and Ball

1012 | Bucket Caddy                                                                Video Link

1020 | 5x5 Hitting Net Bundle w/ Strike Zone and Ball          Video Link

1026 | 8x8 XLP PRO Hitting Net                                                Video Link

1027 | Zippered Removable Ball Caddy

1030 | 7x7 Pro

1040 | Infielder Net                                                                  Video Link

1043 | 5x5 w/ Strike Zone, Ball and Tee 

1090 | Softball Pitch-Thru Screen

1091 | Wheeled Ball Caddy

1095 | Pitching Targets                                                           Pitching Guide

1124 | Triple Threat

1136 | 1137 Baseball/Softball T-Ball Tee

1149 | Backstop                                                                        Video Link

1150 | Multi-Angle Rebounder

1152 | 8X8 Practice Net


2" Micro Heavy Training Ball Guidelines

2.8/3.2" Heavy Progressive Training Ball Guidelines


1042 | 8x8 Barrier

1021 | 12x9 Barrier                                                                     Video Link

1025 | 21x11 Barrier

1153 | 16x10


1016 | 10x7 Golf Net                                                                  Video Link

1031 | 7x7 Golf Net


1051 | 6x6 Lacrosse Goal

1052 | 4x4 Lacrosse Goal


1034 | Tennis Trainer Mult-Sport Net

1050 | Badminton Tennis


1046 | Portable Defender

1092 | 12x3 Soccer Tennis Net

1093 | 18x3 Soccer Tennis Net

1125 | Multi-Sport Rebounder                                                 Video Link

1126 | Fast-Pass Rebounder                                                   Video Link

S003-L-M-S | Pop Up Soccer Goal                                        Video Link

S023 | 18.5x6.5 Soccer Goal                                                   Video Link

S007 | 24x8 Soccer Goal

1044 | S001 | S002 | S005 | S022 | Soccer Goal                      Video Link


1127 | QB Trainer                                                                      Video Link


V001 | Volleyball Practice Station                                           Video Link

1178 | Volleyball Warm-Up Net