Reaction Balls | Random Bounce Fielding Tool

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  • REFLEX BUILDER AND INSTANT FEEDBACK; The six sided PowerNet Reaction Balls improve your reflexes and footwork with random bounces; Practice catching bad hops; Pick up the pace and develop reaction skills to track unexpected flight paths; Expect the unexpected
  • 2 SIZES AND DIFFICULTY LEVELS; The reaction balls with are available in large and small size; Each size is a different level of difficulty; Great ball to add to your training equipment bag
  • FUN WHILE TRAINING; Challenge yourself and friends to see who has the best reaction time while improving your skills; Work on your fielding mechanics with a partner at team practice; Create your own games while working on your craft or use the reaction balls to keep your dog alert and exercising
  • MULTISPORT; Perfect for baseball softball boxing soccer and any sport that requires speed control and tracking; Eliminate being flat footed and stay ready on your toes tracking the random bounce ball; Helps goalies work on their tracking
  • DURABLE AND PORTABLE; This training tool is designed with durable rubber to allow you to train anywhere; Great to pop up on all hard surfaces to master technique in drills; Built to last the abuse of many training sessions; Transport anywhere; Fits in your equipment bag without taking up space; Perfect for agility training; Intended for ages greater than 12 years and older

The PowerNet Reaction Balls help improve speed, control and tracking in multiple sports. Great to work on fielding random bad hops for baseball and softball. Hand to hand combat sports like boxing and taekwondo also benefit using this training tool to increase agility and hand-eye coordination. This versatile training aid is ultra portable and durable, but ultimately it allows athletes to have fun while challenging themselves to enhance their skills.

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