Sweet Spot Training Bat + 2.8" Progressive Weighted Ball 9 LITE Pack Bundle

PowerNetSKU: 1075

Size: 34 In. Bat


  • IMPROVED HAND EYE COORDINATION; Learn to hit on the sweet spot with any game or weighted ball; Available in 3 length weight combinations; 27 inch/24 ounce, 31 inch/28 ounce, 34 inch/32 ounce; 2 inch diameter by 5 inch red wide sweet spot area on a slim 1.5 inch white barrel
  • SWEET SPOT FOCUS WITH BALANCED WEIGHTED BARREL; Focus on batting technique with this training bat; This bat forces the player to focus on proper batting technique and hit location; Learn to make solid contact at the plate; The Sweet Spot Bat is designed with extra weight built in to help strengthen the muscle group used while batting; Strengthens your swing and will help add distance and power to your hits
  • INSTANT FEEDBACK AND BUILD PROPER TECHNIQUE; The Sweet Spot Bat gives immediate physical and audible feedback when the ball is hit on or off the sweet spot of the bat; With the Training Balls easily see how proper hits and mishits change the distance and trajectory of the ball; Adjust form mid drill; The progressive weight system builds on technique development; Make sure that you are building the proper follow through on your batting and throwing technique
  • BUILD POWER; Develop muscle groups specific to batter and pitcher movements; Strengthen your swings and throws; Build power while warming up dual purpose workout; You have the entire progressive Weighted Training Ball system in this complete pack of 12 training balls
  • USED AND ENDORSED BY PRO PLAYERS; Mo Mercado and Kirsti Merritt

Want an edge over the competition? Swing a PowerNet Sweet Spot Bat and create better hitting mechanics. Combine with the included 2.8" Weighted Training Balls for increasing average and power at the plate. This system emphasizes keeping the barrel through the strike zone and learning to make solid contact every time. Instant feedback provided-- a mis-hit is exaggerated by a flat sound and a good buzz in the hands. Bat can be used with our Heavy balls, Micro balls, baseballs, and softballs during BP, soft toss, or tee work.

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